Saving A Dying Revolution

Since the word “startup” was introduced into the Iraqi scene (early 2012), young talents have been thriving to come up with new ideas and build new businesses to evolve the Iraqi private sector and build a government-free independent ecosystem. Many international and regional companies/organizations arrived on to the scene and held dozens of workshops and implemented training camps and events that helped nurture the entrepreneurial culture within the youth, teaching it to think outside-the-box. And while the young kids were taking all the fun, a big player was forgotten about. In any startup culture, the finance sector is a main player, and Iraq is known for its corrupt financial system.  As a result, no one can depend on finding a decent opportunity for his/her business to be funded. Further, there are no incubators and business accelerators to help startups. Everyone thought that there are people with big money who are ready to invest once an opportunity arises. Such assumptions were wrong and are affecting the growing ecosystem. Many successful startups have emerged in the last 2-3 years, which are looking for  investors who will help to grow and expand their businesses; however, the shock is that “there is no one […]

EasyBites’ BMC

Back in 2012, my friends and I started an Internet startup – EasyBites; a food delivery location-based application. Back then, it was the first Internet-based startup in Iraq. We have learned a lot from this experience, we launched in Erbil, and Suli followed shortly. By that time, our hopes were high as we were able to close some deals with major fast-food chains in Baghdad. A year-ish after, unfortunately, we started running into problems that varied between infrastructure, operations and unreliable staff, so we decided that it is time to call it a deal and move on to other stuff. We have made a lot of mistakes, messed up campaigns and we had lots of fights and arguments, which all were fruitful in one way or another. This post is not about EasyBites the startup, rather, it is a reference to EasyBites’ Business Model Canvas which we relied on back in the days. A BMC is a simple, yet effective way of describing your business and define all its attributes. Long story short, here is the EasyBites’ BMC (credit of canvas digitizing goes to   EasyBites, as a business startup, stopped on early 2014. Don’t download it, it does […]